Bring Your Kids

And feed 'em our kids pasta, or home made sandwiches,  until they fall asleep under the stars and you carry 'em out.


Vegan and Vegitarian

Our menu features both vegan and vegitarian options. Just ask your server.


Drunken Sailors

Bring your military ID and get a free beer or well drink of your choice. with any entree.

We're keeping the tradition of the British pub alive with every drink we serve. The moment you walk in to our beer garden, you'll think that you've just been transported back to a better, simpler time. But our assortment of the finest local brews, our renowned rum collection, and our fusion of traditional British, Caribbean and American cuisine tells a different story. You've actually stumbled upon the best of the old world and new, all under one roof.


The most popular dish in Britain for decades has been Chicken Tikka Masala. We celebrate Britain's curry fascination with a variety of meat and vegan curry options.

Homemade Pub Grub

It may take us a few minutes longer to prepare, but each menu item comes from handed down family recipes. All our food is cooked to order and made from fresh ingredients.

History in every pint

Special Meal Items

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