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FAQs on Pest Control

It is understandable for some families to hesitate about calling pest control services to solve their pest problem at home. Our company, however, is more than happy to answer your questions about our methods and the pest control chemicals that we use during the treatment.

Below are the commonly asked questions about the pest removal methods we use.

  1. What are the methods used to terminate pest?

Mechanical and chemical pest control are the primary pest control methods we use. Depending on the level of infestation, sanitation, baiting and trapping works for most pests without resorting to chemicals. This effectively restrict rats from breeding in your Singapore home, as well as other pests. Residential pest management is important to help keep your house pest-free.

However, spraying is essential when the application of liquid treatments is required. The method used for the treatment is also determined by determining the source of the pests, where they live, where they get their food and water, and the general condition of the home. Older apartments tend to attract more pests especially if the plumbing and air conditioning have not been maintained. Multiple visits may also be required to make sure the pests do not come back.

  • Are the chemicals safe for my family and pets?

Yes, the company uses chemicals that are safe for humans and non-target organisms. We also offer organic pest chemicals as an alternative and safer solution. There are different options, too, besides chemicals such as mechanical removal and sanitation to terminate pest. Although we use commercial-grade chemicals for out treatments, only a licensed and trained pest control worker will apply them. Our methods have also been tried and tested to make sure that they perform well in different conditions and level of infestation.

For issues such as how to remove bee hive in your backyard, it’s safer to consult with a commercial pest control company in Singapore to safely remove bee hive. Bee extermination is better handled by professionals who are trained and equipped to deal with the situation.

  • How do you treat termite infestation?

A guaranteed pest control method to remove termites is to identify the species first and locate the areas where they live. Not all termites eat wood, but most species found in or around homes are destructive when they number significantly. Controlling termite species in Singapore means the application of chemical pesticides to treat the home according to the termite species, location, and severity. Only a certified pest exterminator should perform the treatment. The timetable will depend on the extent of the damage, because there might be a need to replace damaged structure and/or furniture.

Pest control management can also recommend termite treatment in homes not yet affected by the pests, while those that have had treatments previously will need scheduled inspections to prevent another infestation.

  • Can you get rid of mosquitoes?

Pest control management offers different options to remove mosquitoes in your home. Chemicals alone will not protect your family, that is why the three vital needs of the insects are targeted using integrated pest management. By identifying the mosquitoes’ sources of food, possible sources of stagnant water, and shelter, the number of pests can be reduced significantly.

  • Is it difficult to treat bedbug infestation?

It can be difficult to treat a bed bug infestation in your home because they are hardy and elusive creatures. They also tend to reproduce fast, that is why continuous treatment and inspection may be required in the next several months. To remove pest completely, you might have to get rid of furniture and clothes that might be heavily infested. The pests also do not just thrive in filthy homes but they can affect even clean apartments, so sanitation is not necessarily a problem.

  • How do you exterminate rodents?

There are several ways to kill rats; one is through baiting and trapping, then removing their sources of food and habitation. Finally, the house has to be rodent-proofed to prevent infestation.

  • How do you remove cockroaches?

Our team will focus on the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and sub-floor areas where most cockroaches are found. Besides the use of baits or sprays, we have to remove their sources of food, water, and shelter to get rid of cockroaches. We use special traps for them once we have identified where they live and breed.

  • How long will the treatment take?

If the pest infestation is not significant, a 24 hours pest removal program can be done. This is usually recommended for restaurants, hotels, and other food and hospitality businesses. Depending on the level of infestation, treatment can take weeks or months. Termite treatment in particular can take a longer time to address. Our experts will discuss with you the treatment plan and timetable, as well as the possible follow-ups in the future as part of preventive maintenance.

  • Is it possible for the pests to come back?

Sanitation is usually a huge factor when it comes to pest infestation, that is why it is important to discuss the treatment with the pest control services. Sanitation is the first step in the treatment because it will cut off the pests’ sources of food and water. To prevent future infestation, you need to maintain a clean home and regularly have your plumbing and air conditioning serviced.

10 Common Toilet Problems that Need a Licensed Plumber

Most plumbing services companies often get calls from clients asking for to fix leaky or dripping faucets, but toilet problems are also just as common. In fact, if you own or manage a commercial or residential complex, you should treat toilet problems as emergency and call a 24 hours plumber because they undeniably play a big part in our lives.

Here are some of the most common toilet problems to watch out for.

1. Phantom Flushing

As the name implies, the toilet will show signs of flushing even if no one is using it. Don’t worry because it’s not caused by a ghost living in the toilet, but by a defective or old flapper valve that causes the water to leak into the bowl, which a 24 hours plumber can easily fix. This issue can be addressed by contacting a cheap toilet workman who is based from Singapore to inspect the valve and recommend if it only needs to be attached properly or replaced with a new flapper valve. Just remember that like most home equipment, some parts of your plumbing need to be replaced when they are worn out, that is why it’s necessary to schedule an annual servicing from the best plumbers.

2. Toilet Keeps Refilling

If your toilet seems to constantly refill water after flushing, you should call a licensed plumber as soon as possible to prevent wasting more water. A running toilet can be caused by several factors such as damages in the fill valve and improper connection of the flapper. The plumbing services crew might have to replace some of the defective parts.

3. Low Water Level After Flushing

If you think have low water levels in the toilet bowl after flushing is better than an overflowing toilet, then you should reconsider. This is usually caused by a blockage in the drainage system that causes too much water to be siphoned out of the bowl or a defect in the interior of the toilet itself such as cracks in the pipes attached to it. Regardless of the cause, you should contact a licensed plumber to inspect your plumbing for accumulation of debris or to look for damages in the piping system. If the pipes are damaged, the plumbing contractor will recommend a replacement of the toilet boil.

4. Leaks Around the Toilet Base

Inspect your toilet for any sign of leaks, such as the area around the base that is sealed by a wax ring. Base leaks can waste a lot of water and will eventually damage the tiles in your bathroom, that is why this should be treated as an emergency. Refrain from using the toilet if there is evidence of leaks and call a reliable plumber in Singapore to have it fixed. If you are overdue for a plumbing maintenance, there might also be other problems in your plumbing that the plumbing services crew will be able to detect during the inspection.

5. Other Toilet Leaks

Some toilet leaks can go unnoticed for months until the water does significant damage to the bathroom or the floors, walls, and ceiling. Even if your toilet seems to be working fine, you should still follow the recommended plumbing servicing schedule. Like your furniture and appliances, your plumbing is also an investment that you need to protect, because you might end up spending more money for repairs and renovations for major plumbing works.

All toilets have at least five basic seals for preventing leaks such as the base of the flapper, the mounting bolts, and the area between the bowl and the tank. Call a plumbing services company in Singapore if you notice any problem or if you are overdue for an annual plumbing servicing.

6. Defective Flapper or Flapper Valve

You should always check for any sign of problem whenever you use the toilet such as an ineffective flush that may be caused by a defective flapper or flapper valve. Fortunately, the faulty parts can be replaced by a reliable plumber in Singapore.

7. Toilet and Sink Blockage

A sink choked with debris or a toilet clogged with objects should be checked by a certified Singapore HDB plumbing contractor. Once you start to notice toilet and sink blockages, call for professional help right away. Water and other debris can leave deposits that will eventually harden and block the hole. If this is the case, get professional help from local plumbers nearby to do a thorough inspection and cleaning of the plumbing system.

8. Strange Noises

If there are strange sounds coming from your toilet whenever you flush or even if nobody is using it, it could be caused by dirty fill valves. Contact the nearest plumbing services company in Singapore to clean or replace the fill valves. It can also be replaced with a diaphragm seal depending on the recommendations of the plumber.

9. Overflowing Toilet

If you own a restaurant or any business, you should invest in regular plumbing services because you don’t want to earn a nasty reputation among your customers for having stinky, overflowing toilets. Not only is that bad for business, but it can also be a health hazard. This issue is usually caused by an accumulation of dirt or debris in the pipes, which cannot be fixed just by simply using a toilet plunger. Call a 24 hours plumber to fix the problem.

10. Toiler Will Not Flush

This can be unfortunate if you have just pooped, but the problem can be avoided with regular plumbing servicing from a licensed plumber in Singapore. If the toilet will not flush, it’s because of a combination of several factors, but most commonly because of the faulty or disconnected chain attached to the toilet handle.

How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Are you tired of the way that your house looks? Do you ever feel like your home interiors need a bit of updating? If you’ve been living in the same home for a long time, you may want to change things up every now and then. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to update your home. You could always buy new decorations, or buy new pieces of furniture. However, what people often forget to consider, is that repainting your house can also update the look of your home. Plus, it doesn’t even have to be as expensive!

If you choose to hire an HDB painting service, there are many paints for you to choose from, from many different brands. Some even have specialized mixtures so that they could perform in different conditions, such as being able to withstand the Singapore heat. With so many choices, finding the right paint can be a daunting task. Making sure that you choose the right shade can make sure that your condo painting goes on without a hitch. After all, scrapping a layer of paint can double or even triple your expenses.

While many painting services can help you understand how best to proceed with your condo painting, it can also be greatly affected by you and your preferences. So, read on to help you find the right color for your HDB.

1. Start Small

Even if you have chosen to use painting services, it may be a bit scary to start painting your walls, as you’re not sure how a color would translate when painted to your wall. To help alleviate your fears, you could start with a small patch of wall first before doing anything else. This is especially important if you’re a visual type of person, so that you could really see the effect of the paint on your wall. A painting contractor can do this for you, in a way that would minimize permanent damage. The best painter can make sure that the initial tests of paint wouldn’t even be noticeable after they’ve finished with the final layer.

2. Learn Color Terms

Finding the right words to describe the ideal colours of your Singapore home will significantly raise your chances of getting the shade that you want. Plus, it can help you understand colors better, which will help you easily communicate with your residential painting services contractor. Most of the color terms you will need to learn include ‘hue,’ which refers to the color itself on the color wheel, like green, yellow and blue. Next is value, which refers to how much light is present in the hue. Next is saturation, which refers to how dominant the hue is. (For example, pink is a less saturated version of red.) Lastly, intensity refers to the brilliance of the color; purer colors refer to the colors that are closer to their designation on the wheel. For example, blue and green are more intense than the shade in between them (teal).

3. Consider Lighting

Lighting can drastically change the colors of any image or object. It can take a while to get used to this principle, as it requires a bit of visualization. This is the reason why paint stores often display their samples underneath lightboxes. When thinking about the color that you’ll want to choose for your room, a good painting contractor would help you consider the type of lighting that is available in the room.

There are two main types of lighting common in Singapore houses that www.idealcolours.sg refers to: natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting, which is light that comes from the sun, shows the truest color of paint. During the condo painting, your residential house painters will consider if the wall to be painted will be lit by a lot of natural light, or is surrounded by a lot of windows.

Artificial lighting, on the other hand, is separated into three categories: incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting, and halogen lighting. Incandescent lighting can bring out the warm shades of your paint and can make warm colors (like red or brown) more intense, and cooler colors (like blue and green) duller. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, has the opposite of an incandescent on shades. Lastly, halogen lights are the closest you can get to natural lighting. The best painter will consider your lighting sources when suggesting colors.

4. Let the Color Wheel Guide You
Especially if you’re the type to mix and match colors, the color wheel can be a valuable tool. You could use the different color harmonies you may have learned in art class to figure out how to find a good color scheme. A good go-to color harmony in most Singapore homes is complementary colors, wherein two colors directly opposite the color wheel are used. A good example of this is the red-green Christmas color scheme. If you want to use this scheme, simply pick your favorite color and find its opposite on the wheel.

Another popular color scheme in Singapore HDBs is the analogous harmony. When hiring a painting services, people often choose colors that are located beside each other to make a palette. While a lot of people use this as a go-to color harmony, it often ends up looking gaudy and tacky. This is because there isn’t a clear designation of the main color. That is, in order to avoid making a mistake with this color harmony, choose just one color that would act as your main shade, which would be the color that you would see most the most in your room. Then, use less of the second color, and the least of the third color. The right HDB painting service can help you pick the right color scheme for your HDB.

Fire Prevention Tips for Homes, Offices, and Businesses

Fire will not only destroy property but can also endanger lives and injure a lot of people, that is why rapid detection and action are important to control the damage. An effective fire protection system is your first defense against a fire, but there are also ways in which you can improve the fire safety standards in a commercial building in Singapore.

1. Set rules in the use of electronics and equipment, especially in offices
2. Designate areas for cooking and dining and monitor the use of cooking appliances
3. Do not leave stoves or ranges unattended
4. Install fire extinguishers in different areas of the building
5. Practice proper waste disposal and management
6. Offices in Singapore should assign at least one day off to avoid overuse of electronic equipment such as computers and printers
7. Avoid overloading of electrical wiring; if the office does not have enough power outlets, hire a licensed electrician to install more
8. Avoid the use of extension cords or power strips if possible, because people can trip on them
9. Storage areas should be regularly inspected to prevent possible fires, especially if the building is full of combustible materials such as paper and cardboard
10. Supervise children in the use of electronic gadgets and flammable materials

11. Avoid the use of open fire if not needed, such as candles, lighters, tobacco, and bonfires
12. Brief the occupants, employees or residents on what to do during fire emergencies to avoid panic
13. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment and other systems is a good fire prevention practice
14. Consult a fire protection system in Singapore expert to determine which areas of the building are prone to fires
15. Contact an electrician to calibrate or repair electronic equipment and to determine if your power supply and connections are adequate for your needs
16. Determine which items are flammable and store them in well-ventilated areas near a smoke or heat detector
17. Create a fire escape plan for emergencies so that the occupant or residents will know where to go
18. Designate one or more persons to take charge during emergency evacuations

19. Set up a sophisticated fire protection system if the building houses several equipment or electronic machines
20. Review the different detection methods used in a fire protection system before choosing
21. Know the basic components of a fire protection system and assign people to monitor or operate them if needed
22. Consult a company that specializes in fire alarm systems to assess if your current fire protection system is adequate
23. Make sure that the fire alarm systems are calibrated to be ready for any emergency
24. The fire alarm systems must be tested regularly by the fire protection system provider in Singapore
25. Choose a fire protection system that includes suppressors or sprinkler systems to help control the spread of fire

Get to Know the Private Investigator Specialties

No idea which private investigator can help you with surveillance or an investigation? General investigators in Singapore also have specializations for people who need help dealing with a specific case, such as cyber investigation or finding evidence to catch cheating spouse.

The following are the most common private investigator specialties you might find at a private investigator services firm in Singapore.

• Accident Reconstruction. Private investigator services can help insurance companies investigate the possible false claims from individuals who have had accidents. The PI will reconstruct the cause, circumstance, and location of the accident to verify claims and even help collect evidence for a possible court case.
• Arson or Fire Investigation. This type of PI work in Singapore is important for the fire department to determine possible causes of fire. After all, natural causes or accidents are different from arson.

• Asset Search
• Background Checks. A private investigator who specializes in background checks can work with various corporations and businesses that need examination of people’s personal, financial, and criminal history.
• Bounty Hunter. The term might remind you of action movies, but the less glamorous term for this type of private investigator is bail enforcement agent. Individuals released on bail are observed and evaluated by the PI, while others are responsible for looking for trails of law fugitives, so they can be brought to justice.
• Bug Sweep, Bug Detection, TSCM
• Cell Phone Records. It is now possible to hire a private investigator in Singapore to provide detailed information of the history of what the owner has been doing and where they were at a given time with sophisticated technology.
• Corporate Investigation. If you think your accounting department has not been honest with their work, you can hire this PI to investigate interoffice relations, data, and financial figures to determine if there are instances of bad behavior and misuse of funds. They can even assist with companies in Singapore hoping to merge or acquire another business.
• Crime Scene or Criminal Investigation. If law enforcement is short on manpower and resources, a criminal investigator can be hired to uncover clues and make conclusions to close a case. They can even help with cases that might not have been criminal in nature at all by examining the accused, other involved parties, and the witnesses.
• Domestic or Civil Investigation. Need to find evidence that your partner is abusing your child or catch cheating spouse? Civil investigators can help you gather information to resolve private and personal matters such as divorce and parental custody.
• Due Diligence. Businesses or any enterprise for that matter, can benefit from a due diligence investigation before any transaction, partnership, and agreement can begin. The PI will make sure that the credibility of the person or a party is assessed and confirmed to make legal and business transactions successful. Due diligence can be about loans, employment, earnings, debts, revenues, assets, and many more.
• Electronic Data Discovery. Digital resources can be used for both criminal and civil cases. A PI who specializes in this type of investigation knows where to start finding information from emails, phone records, SMS, websites, security footages, and other files.
• Executive Protection. This is similar to hiring private security if there is a threat to a person’s status or life. Not only is this common among CEOs, but political figures, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, too.

• Financial Investigation. Corporations, business, and even private citizens can hire a PI who specializes in this if there is a need to collect information related to investments and interests in businesses and financial issues. They can work with your in-house staff to check the financial background and other information of clients, employees, and partners.
• General Investigation. This type of PI can help you with various cases from looking for missing persons to trying to catch cheating spouse. They also have an extensive experience in some areas that gives them an advantage over other private investigators who focus on one area only.
• Infidelity or Cheating Spouse. Among the domestic investigation services, this is perhaps the most common specialty sought by private individuals. The PI is hired to gather evidence of a suspected cheating spouse or catch a cheating spouse in the act.
• Insurance Fraud. Private investigator services in Singapore include examination of insurance claims and workers’ compensation. The employees can benefit from routine checks like this to protect all the parties from possible fraud.
• Judgment Recovery. If a person was asked by the court to repay a debt, a private investigator in Singapore might be hired to find troublesome individuals who refuse to pay.
• Legal Investigation. This type of PI works closely with law firms in Singapore to look for and develop information necessary for legal proceedings. Contact this private investigator if you need help for healthcare issues, contracts, divorce, and other related cases.

• Mystery Shopper and Store Investigation. Some stores and malls hire undercover agents to pose as shoppers to catch shoplifters and alert security of there are troublemakers. They can also snoop in on the employees suspected of theft.
• Public Records Search. Private individuals and corporations can hire a PI who knows how to comb through various public records. This is important for background checks and confirming certain information.
• Social Media and Cyber Investigators. Also called computer forensics and cybercrime investigation, this private investigator knows the ins and outs of technology and information technology. In fact, it is also the fastest-growing specialty in the private investigator services industry because of the increase in cybercrime.
• Surveillance. This refers to the close observation of an individual or a group of individuals who are either suspected of a criminal or offensive activity or have gaps in their information that need investigation. A PI must collect, collate, and analyze the data gathered doing surveillance.
• Workers Compensation. Did you ever wonder how insurance companies keep track of their claimants? This type of PI is hired by the insurance industry to observe the behavior of the claimants and verify the information given to them, such as medical documents and personal details.


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