FAQs on Pest Control

It is understandable for some families to hesitate about calling pest control services to solve their pest problem at home. Our company, however, is more than happy to answer your questions about our methods and the pest control chemicals that we use during the treatment.

Below are the commonly asked questions about the pest removal methods we use.

  1. What are the methods used to terminate pest?

Mechanical and chemical pest control are the primary pest control methods we use. Depending on the level of infestation, sanitation, baiting and trapping works for most pests without resorting to chemicals. This effectively restrict rats from breeding in your Singapore home, as well as other pests. Residential pest management is important to help keep your house pest-free.

However, spraying is essential when the application of liquid treatments is required. The method used for the treatment is also determined by determining the source of the pests, where they live, where they get their food and water, and the general condition of the home. Older apartments tend to attract more pests especially if the plumbing and air conditioning have not been maintained. Multiple visits may also be required to make sure the pests do not come back.

  • Are the chemicals safe for my family and pets?

Yes, the company uses chemicals that are safe for humans and non-target organisms. We also offer organic pest chemicals as an alternative and safer solution. There are different options, too, besides chemicals such as mechanical removal and sanitation to terminate pest. Although we use commercial-grade chemicals for out treatments, only a licensed and trained pest control worker will apply them. Our methods have also been tried and tested to make sure that they perform well in different conditions and level of infestation.

For issues such as how to remove bee hive in your backyard, it’s safer to consult with a commercial pest control company in Singapore to safely remove bee hive. Bee extermination is better handled by professionals who are trained and equipped to deal with the situation.

  • How do you treat termite infestation?

A guaranteed pest control method to remove termites is to identify the species first and locate the areas where they live. Not all termites eat wood, but most species found in or around homes are destructive when they number significantly. Controlling termite species in Singapore means the application of chemical pesticides to treat the home according to the termite species, location, and severity. Only a certified pest exterminator should perform the treatment. The timetable will depend on the extent of the damage, because there might be a need to replace damaged structure and/or furniture.

Pest control management can also recommend termite treatment in homes not yet affected by the pests, while those that have had treatments previously will need scheduled inspections to prevent another infestation.

  • Can you get rid of mosquitoes?

Pest control management offers different options to remove mosquitoes in your home. Chemicals alone will not protect your family, that is why the three vital needs of the insects are targeted using integrated pest management. By identifying the mosquitoes’ sources of food, possible sources of stagnant water, and shelter, the number of pests can be reduced significantly.

  • Is it difficult to treat bedbug infestation?

It can be difficult to treat a bed bug infestation in your home because they are hardy and elusive creatures. They also tend to reproduce fast, that is why continuous treatment and inspection may be required in the next several months. To remove pest completely, you might have to get rid of furniture and clothes that might be heavily infested. The pests also do not just thrive in filthy homes but they can affect even clean apartments, so sanitation is not necessarily a problem.

  • How do you exterminate rodents?

There are several ways to kill rats; one is through baiting and trapping, then removing their sources of food and habitation. Finally, the house has to be rodent-proofed to prevent infestation.

  • How do you remove cockroaches?

Our team will focus on the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and sub-floor areas where most cockroaches are found. Besides the use of baits or sprays, we have to remove their sources of food, water, and shelter to get rid of cockroaches. We use special traps for them once we have identified where they live and breed.

  • How long will the treatment take?

If the pest infestation is not significant, a 24 hours pest removal program can be done. This is usually recommended for restaurants, hotels, and other food and hospitality businesses. Depending on the level of infestation, treatment can take weeks or months. Termite treatment in particular can take a longer time to address. Our experts will discuss with you the treatment plan and timetable, as well as the possible follow-ups in the future as part of preventive maintenance.

  • Is it possible for the pests to come back?

Sanitation is usually a huge factor when it comes to pest infestation, that is why it is important to discuss the treatment with the pest control services. Sanitation is the first step in the treatment because it will cut off the pests’ sources of food and water. To prevent future infestation, you need to maintain a clean home and regularly have your plumbing and air conditioning serviced.