Get to Know the Private Investigator Specialties

No idea which private investigator can help you with surveillance or an investigation? General investigators in Singapore also have specializations for people who need help dealing with a specific case, such as cyber investigation or finding evidence to catch cheating spouse.

The following are the most common private investigator specialties you might find at a private investigator services firm in Singapore.

• Accident Reconstruction. Private investigator services can help insurance companies investigate the possible false claims from individuals who have had accidents. The PI will reconstruct the cause, circumstance, and location of the accident to verify claims and even help collect evidence for a possible court case.
• Arson or Fire Investigation. This type of PI work in Singapore is important for the fire department to determine possible causes of fire. After all, natural causes or accidents are different from arson.

• Asset Search
• Background Checks. A private investigator who specializes in background checks can work with various corporations and businesses that need examination of people’s personal, financial, and criminal history.
• Bounty Hunter. The term might remind you of action movies, but the less glamorous term for this type of private investigator is bail enforcement agent. Individuals released on bail are observed and evaluated by the PI, while others are responsible for looking for trails of law fugitives, so they can be brought to justice.
• Bug Sweep, Bug Detection, TSCM
• Cell Phone Records. It is now possible to hire a private investigator in Singapore to provide detailed information of the history of what the owner has been doing and where they were at a given time with sophisticated technology.
• Corporate Investigation. If you think your accounting department has not been honest with their work, you can hire this PI to investigate interoffice relations, data, and financial figures to determine if there are instances of bad behavior and misuse of funds. They can even assist with companies in Singapore hoping to merge or acquire another business.
• Crime Scene or Criminal Investigation. If law enforcement is short on manpower and resources, a criminal investigator can be hired to uncover clues and make conclusions to close a case. They can even help with cases that might not have been criminal in nature at all by examining the accused, other involved parties, and the witnesses.
• Domestic or Civil Investigation. Need to find evidence that your partner is abusing your child or catch cheating spouse? Civil investigators can help you gather information to resolve private and personal matters such as divorce and parental custody.
• Due Diligence. Businesses or any enterprise for that matter, can benefit from a due diligence investigation before any transaction, partnership, and agreement can begin. The PI will make sure that the credibility of the person or a party is assessed and confirmed to make legal and business transactions successful. Due diligence can be about loans, employment, earnings, debts, revenues, assets, and many more.
• Electronic Data Discovery. Digital resources can be used for both criminal and civil cases. A PI who specializes in this type of investigation knows where to start finding information from emails, phone records, SMS, websites, security footages, and other files.
• Executive Protection. This is similar to hiring private security if there is a threat to a person’s status or life. Not only is this common among CEOs, but political figures, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, too.

• Financial Investigation. Corporations, business, and even private citizens can hire a PI who specializes in this if there is a need to collect information related to investments and interests in businesses and financial issues. They can work with your in-house staff to check the financial background and other information of clients, employees, and partners.
• General Investigation. This type of PI can help you with various cases from looking for missing persons to trying to catch cheating spouse. They also have an extensive experience in some areas that gives them an advantage over other private investigators who focus on one area only.
• Infidelity or Cheating Spouse. Among the domestic investigation services, this is perhaps the most common specialty sought by private individuals. The PI is hired to gather evidence of a suspected cheating spouse or catch a cheating spouse in the act.
• Insurance Fraud. Private investigator services in Singapore include examination of insurance claims and workers’ compensation. The employees can benefit from routine checks like this to protect all the parties from possible fraud.
• Judgment Recovery. If a person was asked by the court to repay a debt, a private investigator in Singapore might be hired to find troublesome individuals who refuse to pay.
• Legal Investigation. This type of PI works closely with law firms in Singapore to look for and develop information necessary for legal proceedings. Contact this private investigator if you need help for healthcare issues, contracts, divorce, and other related cases.

• Mystery Shopper and Store Investigation. Some stores and malls hire undercover agents to pose as shoppers to catch shoplifters and alert security of there are troublemakers. They can also snoop in on the employees suspected of theft.
• Public Records Search. Private individuals and corporations can hire a PI who knows how to comb through various public records. This is important for background checks and confirming certain information.
• Social Media and Cyber Investigators. Also called computer forensics and cybercrime investigation, this private investigator knows the ins and outs of technology and information technology. In fact, it is also the fastest-growing specialty in the private investigator services industry because of the increase in cybercrime.
• Surveillance. This refers to the close observation of an individual or a group of individuals who are either suspected of a criminal or offensive activity or have gaps in their information that need investigation. A PI must collect, collate, and analyze the data gathered doing surveillance.
• Workers Compensation. Did you ever wonder how insurance companies keep track of their claimants? This type of PI is hired by the insurance industry to observe the behavior of the claimants and verify the information given to them, such as medical documents and personal details.